Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lepin 01011 Friends Pizzeria - MOD

Hi bootleg brick fans, today I wanted to show you my latest project, which is turning the Lepin 01011 Friends Pizzeria into a full fledged modular building.  I reviewed the Lego bootleg set back in the fall of 2017 and you can find the original pics and build here.

So I wanted to retain the look of the original building but wanted a multi-storey building which would integrate into my Its-Not-Lego town.  This modular building has three floors, the lowest floor being a pizza takeaway shop, and a pizzeria restaurant occupying the second and third floors of the building.

We will look at each floor in detail later, but for now we will tour the outside.  The building depth is 20 studs deep with the building centered on the 16x32 base plate.  That leaves 8 studs for the front walkway and similar amount in the back.  I've used a variety of bricks to construct the modular.  From the side of the building, you can see that I've got a few colours happening.  Mostly burgundy on the main floor, tan and beige on the second, and mostly beige on the third floor.

I managed to retain the windows and awnings on the second floor.  On the original Lepin/Lego design this would have been the first floor with a door separating the windows.  I've added some detailed bricks  to the front of the building, both on the first and second floor.  The third floor also retains the outdoor terrace and arched windows.  Even the foliage and awnings were maintained.

Since the original Lego/Lepin design didn't have a backside to the building, this is where I had to make it up as I went.  On the main floor, I added a back door for deliveries.  The second and third floors get some protruding windows sourced from an old Wange 34052 villa set.  The burgundy wall panels on the fist floor are from the Sluban building that came with the Building Tower set M38-B0555.  The tan bricks on the second floor were sourced from the Sluban City School building M38-B0333.  Additional beige bricks for the third floor also come from the Wange 34052 set.

The First Floor

The first floor pizza takeout shop has a big picture window next to the front door.  Inside there's a stair case that goes up to the second floor for patrons who want to dine in.

 For express take-away service, customers  place their order at the counter.  At the counter, there is a display for pizza slices (currently empty) and a cash register.  Over the counter is future signage for the menu.

In the picture above you can see a pizza cooking in the pizza oven.   There's a small counter by the front window for those who want to eat there.  It's hard to see but there is also a prep table by the rear wall where pizzas are prepared.

The Second Floor

The staircase leads up to the open kitchen on the second floor.  There's another prep table and another pizza oven dedicated for the third floor pizzeria restaurant. 

 Right now I have a huge counter where the pizza orders are prepared and ready to bring upstairs.
Only one problem though, I haven't added a second staircase going up to the third floor, doh.  Soon!

 The mixer and rolling pin have been saved from the original set.

The Third Floor

 So here is the top floor of the pizza restaurant.  On the terrace, there are two tables with dishes and mugs.  Need to add seating for four people out here.

For inclement weather dining, there's an indoor area, with another two tables adorned with pizzas and table lamps.  If I want to maximize the seating, my future staircase to the third floor might have to be on the outside rear of the building.  Still designing it in my head.

Here's the pizzeria with the roof added.  I'm not sure if the red roof is going to be permanent or not.  I might switch it to gray or black instead.  What do you think, should I keep the red roof?  I'll provide a future  update once I add the staircase between the second and third floor.

And finally, here's the the Lego/Lepin modded pizzeria situated between my Lepin Fire Brigade and Lepin Town Hall.    Reddit user /u/tarataqa suggested I feature the Bela 10648 Pizza Van and scooter from Lepin 07057 Scarecrow Delivery with the Friends Pizzeria, so here it is!

Hope you've enjoyed this look at my custom pizzeria made from spare bricks and the Lepin 01011 set.   As always, thanks for visiting Its Not Lego and See you next time!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Hsanhe 6411-2 Fast Food Restaurant - MOD

I've featured my modded Hsanhe 6411-2 Fast Food (McDonalds) restaurant in many of my blog posts about Its-Not-Lego town but just realized I never reviewed the modifications I made to the original model. If you haven't seen my review of the Hsanhe Fast Food Restaurant, you can find it here.

I didn't change the front facade of the fast food restaurant from it's original design except that I changed the pavement to use up some of the black minifig plates I have so many of.  

You can see here, how I've increased the depth of the restaurant to make it fit on a 16x32 baseplate.  I didn't have enough red bricks so I had to use some Sluban bricks which are a deeper red.  I'll swap those out when I get some new bricks.  There's windows on each side of the building.

Hmm, can't tell if my picture is out of focus or the window glass is foggy.

On the other side of the restauarant is an even bigger window and a takeout window.

More mis-matched bricks, sorry.

You can see where the original Hsanhe building ended and the new extension begins.  I also added an air conditioning unit to the roof.

At the back we've got a service door with awning, and a garbage can and container.  Got some weeds growing in the back.

I think my takeout window is a tad too low, I'll revise it soon.

Ok, let's check out the interior.  I made it so the roof comes off in two parts.

Here's the two roof panels removed.

The restaurant has a counter with two staff and two eating counters along the side walls.

I added 5 new customers in addition to the one that came with the set.  He's the one seated outside.

The original cooking area has been retained.

 And also the order counter which is also next to the takeout window.

 One thing I need to improve is to put up signage over the length of the counter.  Gotta find me some stickers of some menu items.

Here's a few more pics of my modded Hsanhe restaurant.

 After I took most of the pics, I decided to make a trash can and put it at the entrance.  As always, thanks for visiting Its Not Lego and See you next time!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Lepin 02047 City Service Station Bootleg Building Set Review

Hey there, I'm just doing a quick post of my Lepin 02047 Service Station building set.  This set is  a knock-off of the Lego City Service Station set 60132.

This Lepin set has 540 pieces and comes with 4 original looking mini figures, a lady driver of the maroon coloured sedan, two service station employees and the driver of the street cleaner.  I was very pleased with the minifig quality.

I ordered my brick set thru private seller Jeremy whom I found on Reddit.  This is my 5th purchase with Jeremy.  My set arrived about 3 weeks after my order request.

The Lepin service station instructions can be found in this thick booklet.  It has  instructions to build the service center as depicted on the manual cover and also alternate instructions to build a small car wash and service bay.  Although I didn't use the stickers, I found them to be of excellent quality.

The bags are numbered according to the instruction manual steps, one thru five.  Step one builds the sedan and the tow truck.  Step two builds the street cleaning vehicle. Steps three, four and five build the service station, the interior, the pumps and the overhead awning.

Here's a look at the maroon coloured sedan.  In the alternate instructions, the vehicle becomes a convertible instead of the sedan.  I should point out that I swapped out the wheels that came with the set with the wheels from a Bela brand armoured truck

The two truck has a lifted suspension and a working tow hook.

The sedan conveniently has bars in the front and rear that allow the tow truck to hook it up.

The street cleaning vehicle has rotating brushes in the front and has a shovel and broom as accessories.  The rear of the vehicle lifts open where you will find a brown storage bin.

Moving on to the service station, it has two sections, one is the office area where you pay for gas and buy some minor supplies, and the other part is a rest area where you have two seats, a table and a pizza.  I put together the outside sign, but it doesn't look like much without the corresponding stickers.

As mentioned earlier, this is the store with some products on a shelf and a cash register.

And this is the seating area.  There's no back wall which makes it easy to play with.

The service station as seen from the inside.

A charging station and roof lighting is added to the exterior, along with a ramp.

The gas pump is fairly detailed with hose, nozzle and payment terminal.  Without the stickers, it doesn't look as realistic as the pictures.

And finally the service station with awning attached.  Following are a few more views of the Lepin service station, completed but no stickers.

Final thoughts

Although there's over 500 pieces, the Lepin service station is not that big a set.  The sedan is big enough to seat two minifigures, but I find the two truck a bit on the small side.  Here it is next to the Lego Tow Truck 60056.

Here's the street cleaner compared to the Enlighten version that I reviewed awhile back.

The service center has a nice design but with a few more bricks could easily be converted into a larger modular building.  I would strongly recommend using the provided stickers to add more realism to the set.

My Lepin set also came with a brick separator, a small bike and a bag of spare parts.  The retail value of the Lego service station 60132 is approx $90 USD.  The Lepin 02047 version ican be found for about $20 USD on Aliexpress, with free shipping. 

Everything was excellent about this set including the price, so for that reason, I give it a top score of 5 out of 5.   This set would definitely be a nice addition to your brick city.   As always, thanks for visiting Its Not Lego and See you next time!