Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ausini 25004 Freight Train Building Block Set

Hey All, it's time for another look at another Not Lego building block set.  This time, I did a picture dump of the Ausini brand 25004 Freight Train.

 I actually bought this off Aliexpress quite a few months ago, maybe even a year ago.  Just never got around to building it.  It's a fairly large set that consists of a train locomotive and two small flatbeds to carry a couple of cargo containers.  Also featured is the cargo crane with moveable winch and control cabin.  Finally, you also get a tractor trailer with flatbed carrier.  In total, there are 792 pieces to this set.

 Oh, I also forgot to mention you get quite a bit of track as well. You get ten pieces of straight track and two pieces of curved track.  The train only takes up about four or five sections of track, so you get to move it around on all the track.  Note that Ausini track only has the single railroad ties and not the double ties you get with Lego train sets.  Also, the Ausini tracks are a light gray colour, whereas Lego tracks are usually dark gray.

 Here's all the bags of parts.  You get the instruction manual and a sticker sheet, and some tools still on the plastic tree.

 Assembly is easy using the manual and brick clutch is very good.  Bricks are not scratched either.

 In no time at all, I completed assembly of the locomotive.  It's fairly symmetrical on the front and back.

There are two cabins in the forward and rear parts of the train.  Access is by simply lifting the nose piece on either end.  There are also several doors along the side of the engine.

 Here's one of the cargo containers on the rail car.  This one is red and it comes with stickers, which I didn't put on it.  The containers don't come off the rail cars easily, as it attaches using all the studs.  I'm gonna replace some of the plate pieces to make removal easier.  The red cargo container has a bar attached so the crane can hook it off the railcar.  I don't know why but Ausini, didn't put one on the orange cargo container.

 Here's the orange cargo container.  It comes with some printed pieces, so I don't know why they couldn't have done the same for the red container, instead of providing stickers.

Here's a look at the completed train with locomotive and the two rail cars.  If it was up to me, I would prefer that the cargo containers were just one colour, either red or orange, but not both.

 The train rolls along the provided track very smoothly and the magnets that attach to each railcar have a good hold.   Here's the train pulling up to the cargo crane and getting offloading the containers, well one anyways.

The cargo winch is quite strong and you can roll it up or down using the gear mechanism.

 The crane operator cabin slides along the top of the beams for precise offloading.

Here's the overhead view.

 Almost forgot about these guys.  You get four Lego compatible minifigures, however they are all the same.  Their faces are pretty dopey looking, so I'll probably yank their heads off and replace them.  They all have orange shirts with blue overalls and a red cap that says CITY.  They get to use some tools like a pickaxe, a saw, and other tools.

 I was just testing out the placement of the yellow pieces on the rail cars to see which would hold the cargo containers better.  The red one has the proper placement as per the manual.

 Here's the tractor trailer.  A fairly sturdy build. 

The trailer detaches from the cab and you can lower the struts to hold it up. 

 It has a pretty good turning radius.  Both cargo containers will fit on the trailer at the same time.

 This pic is just to show the scale of the cargo terminal and one of the worker bees.

The operator cabin has good views all the way around.  The winch motor is attached to the back of the cabin and both of them slide on the beam.   It's got lights so they can still work in the dark.

Here's a look at the winch.

 An overhead view of the cargo terminal.

 Finally, this is how you get into the operator cabin.


The Ausini 25004 Cargo Train building set is quite a large build that will keep you occupied for a few hours.  The play value is excellent with the inclusion of the cargo terminal and tractor trailer.  I would have liked some variety in the minifigures but I have lots of other ones from other sets I can use.
As mentioned before the Ausini brick quality and clutch is very good.  I didn't have any missing or defective pieces.

This is my second Ausini train set and I'm very happy to have it in my collection. Looking back at my notes, I paid approx $40 USD for this set shipped.

I reviewed the Ausini passenger train here:

I now have a total of four trains in my collection now:  The Enlighten freight locomotive 627, the Ausini 25903 Passenger train and the Lepin Horizon Express.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bela 10643 Race Plane Building Set

Hey all, I just added a new bootleg Lego building set to my collection.  This one is another City themed set, or in the case of Bela, the theme is called Urban.  Featured here is the Bela 10643 Race Plane which is a direct knock-off of the Lego City Race Plane model 60144.  This set has 94 pieces in it and consists of a single propeller plane and a pilot minifigure.

 My set came with the instruction booklet, a sticker sheet and three bags of parts.

 Let's rip it open!  This should be a very quick build.

 Here's the pilot minifigure with helmet and visor.  No issues with the visor.

Here's the race plane about halfway through the build.  Brick quality is excellent, no scratches or scuffs and the bricks have the same shiny finish as normal Lego bricks.  The glass canopy snapped on easily and had good clutch. No scratches on it.

 The completed race plane with canopy in closed position.  You can see how clear it is.

 The large front propeller spins easily.  The wheels have rubber tires unlike Sluban brand planes which only have the hard plastic wheels.

 Rear view of the race plane.  As always, I didn't apply any of the stickers.

 Pilot gets into the race plane.

Ready for takeoff!

I really liked this set, especially given the near Lego quality of the bricks and build.  The only thing I wish they could have done better was to have folding wings.  I might have to Mod mine in future and then it would be easier to transport on the back of a flatbed truck.

The Lego 60144 model will cost you $9.99 USD retail but you can probably get 20%-25% off depending on the sale.
I bid and won my set off ebay and paid about $3.60 USD.  The cheapest price I could find for the Bela 10643 set on Aliexpress cost $4.50 USD.   Hope you enjoyed this quick review, see you next time!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Lepin 05111 Jakku Quadjumper Building Set Review

Welcome! Here is another picture show of my latest acquisition, it's the Lepin 05111 Jakku Quadjumper.  It was only in the Star Wars VII The Force Awakens movie for a few seconds.

 The Lepin Quadjumper building set has 482 pieces.  Despite it being one of the newer Lepin sets, this one doesn't come in numbered bags.  There's several bags of parts which you have to manually sort through.

The Instruction booklet.

The sticker sheet which I won't be using.

Funny that the instructions are a complete copy of Lego that does have numbered bags.  You can see the ever present orange brick separator in one of the bags.  I have so many of these now.

The Minifigs

The set comes with four Star Wars character minifigures and a BB-8. The faces and hairpieces on the minifigs are kinda yucky,  especially on Poe Finn and Rey.

 Side view.

Rear view.

 The alternate faces on Rey and Poe Finn aren't any better.

The Build

The quadjumper build after Step 10.  The fuselage, so to speak.

Step 20.  The landing gear.

Step 30.  The storage compartment.

 Step 40.  Starting the cockpit.

Surprise!, the cockpit canopy glass is actually decent and not scratched or milky.

Step 50.  The Engine exploders installed.

Step 60.  Completing the cockpit.

Step 70.  Closing off the cargo compartment.

It's a double jointed cargo door for easy access. Inside the cargo area, there's room to seat a minifigure and there's also a gun mounted on a pivot.

The completed canopy is also double jointed.  Seating for two.  Not liking the giant gap between the canopy and the ship.

Lower Engine one completed.

Lower Engine one installed.

Lower Engine two completed.

Lower engine two installed.

A look from the rear.

 Side view.

 Top Engine completed.  Clutch of the orange bricks to each other felt a bit loose to me.

Top Engine installed.

 Final engine #4 completed.  I'm short two little light gray 1x1 tiles.  But there are two extra orange 1x1 tiles so I subbed them for use on the engine cladding.

Last engine installed.

Front view of the completed Quadjumper.

 Rear view of the completed ship.

Rear view with cargo door open and view of the gun.

Front view with cockpit exposed.

Minifigs standing next to rear of quadjumper for scale reference.

Some Extra looks

Minifig sits nicely in the cargo area.

 Lower guns pivot outwards.

Cockpit with Poe Finn and Rey inside.

Canopy closed with minifig inside.

Size comparison of the Jakku Quadhopper to the Resistance X-Wing Fighter (both Lepin models).

Size comparison of the Quadhopper to the First Order Tie Fighter.

The Verdict

I totally enjoyed building the Lepin Quadjumper.  The brick clutch was good for most pieces, except the orange pieces that make up the cladding on the upper engines.  Bricks were not scuffed, nor was the canopy.

These were the extra parts leftover from the set, but as I pointed out earlier, I was missing 2 1x1 tiles, not really a big deal.  Probably the most disappointing part of the set was the look of the minifigures.

A big thank you to Jeremy, a private seller on Reddit, who sold me this set at a great price.  My set arrived, super quick, in just over two weeks.